Reviews & Interviews

Like complex decollage each layer appears as if from a different time, place, or perhaps culture, yet the resulting compositions seem perfectly balanced appearing at once effortless and painstakingly designed.
— Adam Smith, 2014
Elements (in Jacobs’ & Dunham’s works) are pulled in together to act and react, challenging the sense of homogeneity and transforming everything around them as they go.
— Erica Shiozaki, 2014

Michael Peacock, 2014 poem written in response to Jacobs’ Ethosphere paintings, Los Comosedices


Just Pirez! Magazine, 2013 interview by Jimmy Outhwaite, Holy Trinity

There is a striking energy about her work that not only grabs attention, but pounces upon it… Her intense works are large in scale and meticulous in detail… I wish you could all see each and every one of these paintings up close because they are so rich and vibrant; her craftsmanship is very impressive.
— Patrice Llemos, 2010
Stone Space Gallery, London, 2014

Stone Space Gallery, London, 2014